Justin Conte

Urban Flow Broadway Dance Center

Justin Conte was born and raised in New York. He began dancing at the age of 15, soon realizing he had found a safe place to learn and grow. Over the past 8 years, he has been teaching and choreographing around the United States as well as internationally. After studying Modern, Ballet and Jazz for 6 years, Justin was exposed to a variety of street, freestyle and native movement, sparking inspiration. Conte began training with world renowned movers and choreographers Dana Foglia, La Jon Danztler, Joanna Numata, Brian Friedman, Sheryl Murakami and many more. Soon after, he began training and performing with Dana Foglia Dance. At this point, exploring new movement and a deeper sense of self became necessary.

Conte fulfilled his passion of teaching at Broadway Dance Center, NYC as well as choreographing commercially for various recording artists traveling the U.S. Conte began his professional career understudying Tyce Diorio in the final regional production of A Chorus Line before it returned to Broadway.

Within the past few years, Conte has traveled internationally to Japan to work with Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka Schools of Music and Dance, as well as recent European teaching tours, sharing at famous studios in Berlin, Vienna, Gothenburg, and Zürich. He has most recently been seen dancing and performing with FKA Twigs in her recent US Tour as well as various projects abroad. Additionally, Conte was a performer for Alexander McQueen’s NY Fashion Week, as well as a reccurring performer on the hit Fox TV series Glee (seasons four and five). Conte has appeared as a guest choreographer at The Pulse On Tour Summer 2014 Showcase and 2015 NYC Gala and as Guest Faculty at the Pulse NYC Summer event this past year. Justin has worked with many recording artists such as Paula Abdul, Miley Cyrus and Jordin Sparks. His newest endeavors include Creative Direction, Choreography, Video Production and Video Editing for his creative/performance collective, Pendulum People.

Justin’s versatile creative background, paired with his new age perspective, knowledge of street styles and unique musical flow set him far apart from any artist in our age. He is currently working in both Los Angeles and New York City choreographing, creative directing and dancing, as well as teaching at Debbie Reynolds, Movement Lifestyle, Millennium Dance Complex, Broadway Dance Center, and Peridance, NYC. Additionally, Justin is traveling the world sharing his knowledge and passion for movement with organizations specializing in Dance Education. He is determined to inspire change and positive growth in the world through honest art.